A unique way of capturing and correlating
digital health data worldwide

HPX increases your health data’s equity by employing

Computing Power

The HPX platform can absorb millions of events per second with unprecedented scalability. It processes vast data volume from connected and diagnostic devices, websites, and applications in the field of genomics, biosensors, wearables, and MEMS.

Data Analytics

By enabling predictive analytics, HPX assists in demonstrating better health outcomes and identifying the most valuable digital health technologies for use in patient care.


AI assists doctors and other healthcare providers in making faster and precise diagnostics. HPX augments the analysis value with AI leading to better patient treatments and reduced healthcare costs.

Today’s challenge

Contemporary global society places high value on improving quality of life through analysis of massive volumes of health data. Despite seemingly rapid progress, revolutionary innovations have yet to materialize. Big data in healthcare, precision medicine, and similar types of academic and corporate initiatives aim to get us closer to the goal.

All initiatives–from those involving SMEs and small research groups to the most daring largest corporate and research entities–require deep expertise across several complex domains.

Initiatives might include:

  • Managing globally scalable IT infrastructure to gather, store, and manage health data
  • Reusing existing AI and creating new AI tools to analyze data towards prediction and decision recommendations
  • Understanding health impacts and risks
  • Incorporating new data initiatives into ethical and resilient business models

Our Solutions


Data management

A scalable, secure and compliant global data cloud infrastructure available in 140 countries

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The partner of choice for all your health-related mobile and web software development needs

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge engineering expertise for innovative data visualization, exploration, confirmation, learning, prediction, recommendation and decision support

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AI Marketplace

A place to find the algorithms that fit your data solution

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Data Equity

Healthcare and Information Technology expertise in Cardiology Research & Diagnostics and in Artificial and Augmented Intelligence

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