Data Equity

Healthcare and Information Technology expertise in Cardiology Research & Diagnostics and in Artificial and Augmented Intelligence


Clients’ health

Our software and service estimates and increases the value of our clients’ health data assets (such as datasets and data streams that clients produce). HPXWeb Data Equity is used by businesses who want to estimate the value of generated or held health data with an interest in licensing that data to third parties for commercial or other purposes.

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Health data

Hilbert Paradox helps you answer questions such as “What is the economic and financial value of the health data that my devices or applications generate?” Health Data is defined as data collected from one or more people used to improve their or others’ health.

With our Data Valuation Services, Hilbert Paradox can determine the potential value of your data, and consequently bring the collected Health Data to the next level by assisting you in adding value equity. Questions such as, “What is the best way to store your data,” “Who should be able to access the data set,”Who uses a similar type of Health Data,” and “What are the known benefits and issues of combined data, among others are thoroughly analyzed and answered. After determining the outcomes, opportunities can be identified and fully addressed.