Data management

A scalable, secure and compliant global data cloud infrastructure available in 140 countries



Our proprietary software platform provides our clients with the infrastructure to collect, store, and preserve health data in accordance with applicable local and global privacy regulations. Available in 140 countries, the platform is easy-to-use and a comprehensive answer to absorbing initial data for analysis. Health data management experts and data scientists at HPX assist clients in designing the right data structure to support their health data initiative roadmaps. Data Management is used by businesses looking to set up scalable and cost-effective infrastructure for managing health data.

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Hilbert Paradox recognizes that current data is too scattered and unstructured to use AI. Too see patterns, risk profiles and correlations, data normalization is warranted. Often patients must fill out diaries when going through a multi-day scan. Patient language and terminology should be translated into a language physicians use. By standardizing and normalizing data it becomes useful for machine learning applications.



Since our software transmits, stores and analyzes Electronic Personal Health Information, it is important to protect and secure data transfer. Compliance with the global and local regulations is a high priority when designing, implementing and managing the best data solution.

Hilbert Paradox accomplishes compliance through a multi-step approach:

  1. You choose where you store your data per device and per user
    1. Comply to global regulations
    2. Comply to local regulations
  2. Available in more than 140 countries worldwide, the Hilbert Paradox platform currently runs on Microsoft Azure and can be expanded to other platforms. Multiple countries or regions do not allow data to leave the borders, so there is broad choice in storing the health data generated by the medical devices or medical applications.
  3. The Microsoft Azure Trust Center gives an overview of their global requirements certifications. Choosing Microsoft as our main technology partner was for Hilbert Paradox an obvious choice as many certifications can be inherited. Microsoft has invested $5 billion annually in infrastructure and will continue to do so in the future. Hilbert Paradox is also fully compliant with the regulations expected in the healthcare environment.
  4. Every country and region has its own data security and privacy standards which must be respected. Hilbert Paradox has worldwide experience in handling country and region specific regulations.

Hilbert Paradox assists its partners in securing the required documentation relative to certifications. Request our document on Security, Privacy and Compliance for more details on compliance and certifications from Microsoft and Hilbert Paradox.